So I have been playing quite a lot of Mount & Blade: Warband lately. I’ve owned this game for quite some time and I have only really gotten into it now. So far I have put 38 hours into this game (according to Steam). In these hours I have done some very fun things.

I am playing the single player part of the game mainly because I don’t like dying repeatedly in multi-player. It isn’t that I am horrible at the game, its just that I do silly things. I like to have fun when I play a game so I tend to do the risky thing that 3 out of 4 times gets me killed (good thing its just a game). I’m not trying to say that to have fun you need to be risky but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to do the unexpected (like jump off a castle wall into a sea of angry people) . So with that in mind I named my character Dale Silverback and started off in the Kingdom of Nords. Why nords? Why not?

As random things go I spent the first couple of minutes trying to win a fight against small groups of bandits. I would win for the most part and get a couple of prisoners to go into my small army. It was at that moment that I wanted to just fight everyone in my path (they all look the same anyways). So I entered tournaments and became the Kingdom of Nords mercenary guy; I would do the occasional quest here and there and when war came about I would go in with my army and take castles like it was was nothing (it was glorious).

It wasn’t soon after that I realized that I had put 26 hours into the game already and that it was 5 in the morning. Funny how time works…I could have sworn it was barely midnight then again its summer and summer never changes.