So I’ve been getting back into the wonderful universe that is Stellaris which is a 4X game made by Paradox. A 4X game is a type of strategy game that allows players to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate opponents. I’ve logged at least 600 hours into this game and I honestly haven’t grown tired of it or at least not tired enough to the point where I want to uninstall it. Recently I started a game where my empire is made up of robots and cyborgs that are all about assimilating the galaxy, think the Borg but small salamander-looking creatures instead. (Geckos maybe?)

Space Geckos also known as Cyborg Salamanders.

So far the game has been going well, there have been a few bumps here and there though since I guess not everyone likes the idea of being assimilated into a collective. It doesn’t matter though since resistance is futile and machines are way better than organics, that is especially true in Stellaris. They can colonize any type of planet and don’t have to eat food. I really hate food, it becomes such a useless resource late game and honestly the less resources I have to worry about the more time I have to focus on what really matters in this game and that is taking over the galaxy.

Anyways, the purpose of this post was to inform everyone of how great the cyborg salamanders are and how everyone should try to become one before being forced to become one. Also Stellaris is still a fun game in my opinion.

Doesn’t this look like a stick figure wearing a Napoleon hat while dancing on a boat?