Do you like puns? If so, then Punderdome might be the game for you! Punderdome is a game made by Jo and Fred Firestone that uses cards in order to create unique and interesting puns. It plays similarly to Cards Against Humanity in that cards get compared together and the person with the best pun wins but that is where the similarities end. Once you have drawn cards you must create a pun using the themes on the cards. For example, one card could say “Religion” while the other could say “Fighting”, a good pun for that would be “Nun chucks” since it uses both themes. Of course the persons playing aren’t limited to just using a one word pun, sentences can also be created. The game is generally more creative than other games in the same genre because you have to come up with the pun itself and it isn’t given straight away by the cards. It is a fun game that requires wit and a good sense of humor.