“Super Genes” is a self-help book about how the environment can influence your genes. This book interested me quite a lot since I have studied genetics in the past. The main principle of this book is that it is not about a person’s genes that dictates what they are, but instead it is their gene expression. The first part of the book gives an in depth explanation about epigenetics, which is how environment can affect gene expression. Epigenetics basically explains why identical twins in completely different environments from each other will end up expressing different characteristics.

I have read other reviews over this book that express a concern that maybe it should be two books instead of one since it is not all just a self-help book. Although the first part may have a lot of complex information, I feel that is it very important to first understand the mechanisms at work before getting into the self-help part of the book. If the book was just a self-help book then I probably would not be as interested in it but since it provides that information about epigenetics, I’m very interested and I bet others will be too.