Doodling cartoons is very entertaining but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a character or a pleasant design. In Christopher Hart’s book “Doodletopia: Cartoons” you get that inspiration as well as some useful tips on how to further your process. The book is filled with many different topics such as drawing people or animals and even creative font. This book is perfect for anyone of any age wanting to draw cartoons, my little sister especially enjoyed how cute some of the animals looked in the book and tried to draw something like them herself. The fact that a child can use the book with ease is a good thing because it means that it accessible to even people that might consider themselves novices at drawing. Overall the book tries to evoke some level of inspiration and it guides people through some drawings but it does not entirely hold their hand, in the end it is about the individual drawing for their own enjoyment and discovering the fun that can be had with cartoons.